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Larry Davies’ adaptive problem-solving and strategic planning approaches will help you reach new business heights.

As a renowned independent contractor for over 15 years, Larry Davies has enhanced business growth and facilitated many business processes and transformations. Larry Davies Consulting offers a wide range of professional services, including market research, business consulting, and mergers & acquisitions facilitation.

Why Choose Larry Davies?

His integrity and expertise in designing systems to manage business processes have earned him an unrivaled reputation for the quality of the services he offers. Larry is an entrepreneur of high and wide reputation, an intermediary trade specialist, a third-party manufacturer, an importer and exporter. His knowledge of the market is extensive.

He earned an MBA in Central European University and a university degree in Business Administration and Management from International Business School. Larry began his importer and exporter career in 2005 as a professional third-party manufacturer. Since then, with a strong desire to succeed in his career, he has had a significant impact on the growth of many businesses.

Unique Trading Strategies & Experience

Larry is always focused on getting things done. Because of his relentless pursuit of results, he’s been able to achieve a string of ground-breaking victories in recent years. Larry is the best in the business when it comes to trading.

As a result of his extensive experience in intermediary trading, he has handled deals totaling more than $200 million over the past few years. Many agricultural organizations have relied on him for agricultural machinery, aviation component parts, and first aid equipment. He has also successfully handled the supply of medical equipment to medical firms, earning a lot of praise for his work with these companies.

He has a good grasp of the workings of the global economy. He always gives the best because he knows what works, what doesn’t, and why.

Larry’s Import and Export Services.

His custom brokerage service is second to none. He knows what paperwork the port authorities require to clear goods for every market in Asia, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, New Zealand and Australia.

He is driven by the desire to comprehend the complexities of intermediary trade, importation, and export. Larry is always eager to expand both his profession and knowledge in the areas of trade, import, and export. He considers himself a lifelong student with a goal of continuous professional growth to stay abreast of the latest strategies.

Larry Davies is currently a premium executive member at L.D. Banters Global Inc. (, an intermediary trade company. There, he works as a contractor of intermediary trade, importation and exportation. He is always interested in learning about new problems in intermediate trade, imports, and exports.

If you want to achieve more in your business and international transfer of goods, Larry Davies is your best bet for a hitch-free operation.

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